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a bowl full of simple

I’m always looking for fresh, delicious + healthy choices to add to our afterschool and lunch box snacks.  These four ideas meet both savory and sweet palates.  I recently found this pumpkin granola recipe on one of my favorite food blogs.  It is A-mazing!  {if granola is your thing}  Since you all know how much I love my greek yogurt, you can image how happy a new crunch makes me!

a bowl full of simple

I was inspired one day by these Energy Bites from Chef in Training.  I tweaked the recipe a bit to make a healthier super-sized version and came up with the yummiest little nuggets of protein.  My kids started calling them Energy Balls instead of Energy Bites.

a bowl full of simple

Homemade Fruit Leather turned out to be so simple!  I did have to keep my oven on for an incredibly long time, but these were sweet and tart and healthy.  I used frozen mixed berries in place of the peach used here

a bowl full of simple

Blend the berries.

a bowl full of simple

Spread evenly on the Silpat.

a bowl full of simple

Peel + Roll

a bowl full of simple

Guacamole is quite possibly my favorite food on the planet!  All you really need is a ripe avocado, some salt and a lime {or lemon}.  The kids can make this themselves it’s so simple. If you want a little more punch add cilantro, tomato + jalapeño.  Serve with corn tortillas chips.

 If you’d like more ideas, check out my pintrest board Snack and Lunch Ideas.

What are you family’s favorite snacks these days?

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