A Mini Facial at Home

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Mini at-home Facial
Taking care of myself is not typically the first thing that comes to mind in my busy days as a mother and writer. I am often astounded at all that my role as a mother requires me to do on a regular basis.  When I had my first child I regularly measured my days in terms of whether or not I was able to accomplish certain activities as basic as a shower.  I recall reflecting on the day feeling pretty darn successful if I was able to shower, exercise, scratch one task off my to-do list with extra bonus points if I was able to connect with a friend or loved one. Twelve years into this parenting gig and my how things have changed.  Active busy lives all to frequently leave moms needing a little time to check out and take care of themselves {at least be able to use the bathroom alone!}

Sunday evenings, I try and reserve a few minutes of time to do just that, treat myself to a little something special. Relish a tasty warm cup of tea, take a long walk with a friend or linger in bed a little earlier with my book du jour.  Once a month or so, I like to give myself a mini at-home facial.  I have certain products I love and use all the time, but sometimes I use whatever samples I have around that I’ve been wanting to try. Whatever the routine is you choose, it’s good for your skin and your soul.  Take a few minutes at the end of the week just for you.

Mini At-Home Facial


Part I

1.  Start with a gentle cleanser and warm water.

2.  I do a second cleansing with the Clarisonic.

3.  A final gentle exfoliating scrub or a micro-derm product.

4.  Apply a hydrating mask and sip your tea while you wait.

Mini at-home Facial

Part II

1.  Apply retinol (I use 1.0) to the newly clean and exfoliated skin.

2.  Apply an eye treatment cream (over the counter).  I love this Gloss product (medical grade).  It’s a dual system.  You use one M/W/F, the other S/T/Th.

Mini at-home Facial

Part III

1.  Apply a nourishing serum with vitamin C.  This essential serum is packed with antioxidants!

2.  Apply a good everyday moisturizer or a heavier nighttime moisturizer.

Mini at-home Facial
These products can be pricey when purchased together.  I have accumulated them over time and only need to replace every 6-12 months.  I have to recommend the daily use of sunscreen in addition to all of these products.  It is absolutely essential if you are using retinol products.  You wouldn’t want to do damage after investing time and money into a beautiful skin care routine.  Wear your sunscreen and apply often!

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